Municipal and Other Non-Profits

We Develop Municipal & Non-Profit Projects

We’ll also vet contractors and get your project built.

Our work, and educating you on the possibilities, is pro bono.  We can serve municipals and most non-profits with long-term financing, usually with no out-of-pocket cost to you.  For most projects using our combined tech approach, savings will be more than payments over the term of the financing. You simply save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why is this better than just hiring a solar company?  We thoroughly understand the way utilities charge for the kilowatt-hours (kWh) you use and for your peak electrical load, aka peak demand (kW).  In fact, when you are on a peak demand schedule you’re paying less per kWh.  Solar and other systems that produce kWh cannot reliably reduce peak kW.  The energy efficiency equipment effectively reduces both sides of your bills. Savings increase dramatically, making projects cash flow positive.

Now, small projects can be more challenging in this regard, but our combined tech approach is dynamic. We are willing to run initial models and tell you what is practical. We will not charge you for this and there will be no obligation on your part to green light your project. If you don’t know what can be achieved and how, you really can’t decide whether to move forward?

Ask About Our Combined
Municipal-Residential Program.

With this program you can provide energy efficiency & solar systems for hundreds and thousands of homeowners in your town, for just a small deposit.  The town even makes an income.  Our investors will cover the entire cost.

We believe our program is unique, so we’re not going to say more on our web site.  Ask us for the full program details.