Commercial, Real Estate & Industrial

Commercial projects involve bringing strong federal tax incentives, state and local incentives, and our combined technology approach.  The federal tax incentives can cover 50 to 72% of project costs!

If you’ve looked into solar before you might’ve done it when it cost too much. You may have discussed it with someone who didn’t understand utility rate categories, as they came from residential/small commercial where demand charges don’t exist (yet).  Or you might’ve gotten a solar-only take on the economics. Or the solar company was too small to get factory-direct equipment pricing.  We have a massive pipeline of projects.

It often surprises our clients at what we can achieve.  We are highly experienced at this, having built thousands of projects, and run a fully transparent economic model that will satisfy your CFO & tax professional.

We know that any capital investment you make must come with a relatively fast years-to-payback. If the project is financed by your lender or one of ours, the goal is cash flow positivity from the start. Our combined tech approach yields this, in nearly every area of the USA, any utility and rate category.

The initial modeling we do can illustrate feasibility. We’ll do it at no cost to you. If you like it we will proceed to fully develop the project, again at no charge or obligation. If the project is large, or on a new building yet to be constructed, we may ask you for a conditionally refundable up-front fee.

How can we do this? We have decades of experience with our approach of combining technologies, viewing each individual building as a set of data points, puzzle pieces. We seek out each piece and put them together.  

Whenever needed we can bring short- or long-term financing, and it can be zero-down. It will nearly always be cash flow positive. Some lenders only require the equipment as collateral, not your building. 

Every project is different, due to the specifics of your usage, utility rate schedule, your tax rate and company format, power production from renewable energy systems at your location and numerous other factors.