Combined Energy Technologies

The Economics of Carbon Free Energy

A Combined Technology Approach for Superior Project Economics

The Combined Energy Tech Team are specialists at running accurate economic models for projects. Unabashedly, no one does it quite like we do. We think out of the box. Utilizing custom-built modeling tools we add specific energy efficiency equipment to renewable projects that reduces both the kilowatt hours (kWh) usage and the kilowatt (kW) peak electrical demand side of your electric bills.

Generating power only reduces kWh you buy from your utility in a carbon-free way. This is necessary, a key component of a project, but it doesn’t save as much per dollar spent, as our approach.  Energy efficiency also improves the scenario if your utility has a rate schedule where you’re only paying per kWh used.

Highly Experienced in Multiple Technologies

We’ve done this for thousands of projects. Including Advising Team Members we’ve built > $1 billion in projects with geothermal, solar thermal, combined heat power, wind, hydro, biofuels, electric vehicle charging, power conditioning, LED lighting and more. Every day we develop projects for a wide range of energy users, including commercial, industrial, educational, residential and municipal clients, plus faith communities across the USA.

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